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December 27 Pretty Women Make Men Stupid
December 20 2004 Predictions Recap
December 13 Pumped Up Over Steroids
December 6 Flummoxed by Forwards
November 22 Election Revisited (With Apologies to Dr. Seuss)
November 15 A Tale of Twins
November 8 Defining Jesus
November 1 A House Divided Holds Elections Anyway
October 25 The Handwriting's on the Wall for Handwriting
October 18 The Debates:  How It Should Have Have Been
October 11 Revenge of the Lizard People
October 4 Jesus Wept
September 27 Junk File:  Corrections, Apologies, and a Question for the Ages
September 20 It's Election Time and the Bibles are Thumping
September 13 Empty Nest Isn't Empty Enough
September 6 9-11 Anniversary No Time for National Amnesia
August 30 Child "Pimp and Ho" Costumes Cross Line
August 23 The Electoral Equalizer:  It's All on the Internet
August 16 Freeing New Hampshire
August 9 The Good Books:  Religious Publishing Goes Mainstream
July 12 T-Shirt TV is all About the View
July 5 The Problem with Bill Cosby
June 28 Sasquatch, Scooters, and the Last Confederate Widow
June 21 On God's Side - Politics and Religion
June 14 Ronald Reagan, Stem Cells, and the Cure for Everything
June 7

Los Angeles Cross Suit:  Forget the Cross, Rename the City

May 31 High School Graduation Not Just for Kids
May 24 Serving Two Masters:  Democrats Lecture God
May 10 Prison Photo Rorschach Test
May 3 Death by French Fries
April 26 The Bully Factor
April 19 Dr. Death on Ethics
April 12 Remembering the Soldier
April 5 Evolution Religion
March 29 Dreadlocks, Clichés, and the Great Wall of China
March 22 Voters Wanted (The Dumber the Better)
March 15 The Caesarian Choice
March 8 Super Size Me, The Movie
March 1 A Little Plain Talk on Same Sex Marriage
February 23 "Passion" Reporting Gets Silly
February 16 Birth Order Revisited
February 9 The Passion
February 2 God and Wealth
January 26 Captain Kangaroo
January 19 The Marrying Kind
January 12 Gay Marriage  A Conservative Value?
January 5

Competitive Eating, a Sport for the Masses and the Massive