-2002 COLUMNS-

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December 30 Not Cowed by PETA
December 23 Smallpox:  No Vaccine for Panic
December 16 Christmas Traditions
December 11 Railroaded:  Trains Won't Slow For Chico
December 9 Joe Millionaire
December 2 Mother Teresa's Doubt
November 25 Sportsmanship Not Dead in Youth Sports
November 18 Junk File:  Pigs, Pageants, and Paper Dolls
November 11 Harry Potter and the Fanatics
November 4 Parents' Fight For Decency A Lot Easier Said Than Done
October 28 Sniper Case Offers Lessons About Terror
October 21 Free State Project:  Give Me People Like Me
October 14 Brent's Column Irks Pedophile
October 7 High School Satan Club Causes Stir
September 30 Chilling Out:  Cryonics a Cool Prize
September 23 Prisoners of Love:  Married Parolees Stay Straight
September 16 Florida Terror Joke and the Right Thing to Do
September 9 Junk File:  Surf's Up, Vice is In, the Cat is Out
September 2 The Best Way to Commemorate September 11
August 26 It's the End of the World, by God ... or by Asteroid
August 19 Human Cloning:  Who's Will Be Done?
August 12 Homeland Security Camp
August 5 Animal Rights No Substitute For Human Responsibility
July 29 The Osbournes Flattered By Imitation
July 22 Mixed Messages:  Hunt Child Predators, or Aid Them?
July 15 The Junk File
July 8 Commitment Phobia:  Why Men Are Marrying Later
July 1 Banning the Pledge of Allegiance
June 24 Fashion Passion:  Sex Sells for Abercrombie & Fitch
June 17 Seeking Shelter in Potassium Iodide
June 10 Questioning Marriage
June 3 Hey Dudes!  It's Graduation Time!
May 27 The Naked Truth:  Stripper Mom Off-Base on Scripture
May 20 No Mr. Nice Guy
May 13 Study:  Pierced Kids Take Greater Risks.  Duh.
May 6 Compassion:  Should Medicaid Guarantee Inheritances?
April 29 Abstinence-Only Sex Education?
April 22 Dad Straps Fake Bomb To Daughter
April 15 Driving Dad Crazy:  Payback Time
April 8 Harmful to Minors:  New Book Defends Pedophilia
April 1 Women of Enron:  Playboy to the Rescue
March 25 Dear Abby:  "Please Stop Me Before I Molest"
March 18 Don't Worry, Be Healthy:  Distressed Personalities
March 11 Designing a Baby, Missing The Point
March 4 More Parents Willing to Snoop
February 25 Andrea Yates:  Insane, or Just Evil?
February 18 Junk File
February 11 Prenatal Care a Pro-Life Ploy?
February 4 Log Out, Turn Off, Tune In
January 28 Teaching Islam In Public Schools
January 21 "Fear Factor" vs. Super Bowl
January 14 Christian = Taliban?