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Dec 1999 Predictions Recap
Dec Dumbing Down At Chico State
Dec A Tale Of Two Cities
Dec The Night Before Y2K
Dec Cleaning And Meaning In The Back Room
Nov Junk File
Nov Brent Morrison, 100-Year-Old Columnist
Nov Too Short A Season
Nov Reform To Run
Oct Born To Run
Oct Internet Tax For The Environment
Oct Elephant Dung Art
Oct A Fox In The Hen House
Sep Brand New Fad
Sep Texas Church Shootings Show News Value of Life
Sep Hate Crimes, Part 2
Sep Junk File
Sep Cursing The Chance
Aug Abort To Reduce Crime?
Aug Hate Crimes, Part 1
Aug Abstinence
Aug Ernest About The Movies
Jul Future Homemakers By Any Name
Jul The 100th Column
Jul Junk File
June No Chance Of A Prayer
June Hogs & Kisses
June Best Laid Plans
May "Ism" Ideology
May White Shoes Blues
May Junk File
May Trial By Fire
Apr Columbine
Apr Gettin' Piggy With It
Apr Stranger Than Fiction
Apr War In Yugoslavia
Mar Kevorkian's Quest
Mar Been A Long Time Since We Rock N' Rolled
Mar Junk File
Mar Lewinsky Interview
Mar No Slack
Feb Wake-up Call
Feb Lesbian Wedding
Feb Orwell To Seuss
Feb Niggardly Judgment
Jan Junk File
Jan 1999 Predictions
Jan Today, Or Y2K?
Jan Life, Loss, And Legacy